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Individual mentoring. Group discussion. Webinar topical study.

Examples of Topics

  • Discovering identity in Christ

  • Forgiving the unforgivable

  • Uncovering childhood shame

  • Turning from toxic relationships and enmeshment

  • De-energizing compulsivities (*countless other topics and themes offered upon request)

All fees are based on a per-person, per-session basis, and are negotiated on an individual basis prior to each event.

About Dr. Dave Ralston

David Ralston, PhD, is the founder and director of Life Training Ministries in Louisville, Kentucky, a leading provider of Christ-centered counseling and mentoring for metro-Louisville as well as online globally. His counsel and guidance have become highly sought after, especially in the areas of shame, brokenness, identity dependence, and soul work.

Dr. Dave is a gifted presenter, teacher, and counselor, and has spoken to groups and audiences of all sizes, both close to home and across the country. In addition to writing his weekly blog, Training for Life, he is the author of numerous curricula, articles, and seminar resources, including TURN: Turn from Brokenness to Wholeness in Christ, Marriage Foundations: Seven Pillars of a Well-Built Marriage, and his highly recognized article, “Am I Spiritually Hydrated?”

He holds an earned doctoral degree from Colorado Theological Seminary in Clinical Christian Counseling with board certification in Marriage & Family therapy. He is credentialed as an Advanced Licensed Christian Counselor and Certified Temperament Counselor by the National Christian Counselors Association.

David Ralston’s nearly four-decade-long journey of personal spiritual formation has been forged through his commitment to his local church, complemented by his experiences as part of the Walk to Emmaus, Promise Keepers Men’s Ministry, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and the Liminal Unknown weekend.

Dave’s full-time ministry began in Owensboro, Kentucky over a decade ago, when he and his wife Ann founded Life Training Ministries, a nonprofit ministry focused on addressing the soul wounds of the hurting, broken, and marginalized in that community. After a fruitful season in western Kentucky, he and his wife joined the staff at a thriving megachurch in north Houston, Texas, where Dave served as Pastor for Counseling & Restoration, seeing God use the unique TURN approach to transform hundreds of lives, marriages, and families. Currently he serves as president and director of Life Training Christian Counseling in Louisville, Kentucky, a division of Life Training Ministries. Dr. Ralston and his wife Ann reside in Jeffersontown, Kentucky and have four children and four grandchildren.

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