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Thrusting Against Negative Forces

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Thrusting Against Negative Forces is a well-written journal that encourages everyone that we all can live peacefully and wrapped in love if we build our spiritual character. To take a step back and evaluate your thoughts and write them down, demonstrates a level of accountability and grants the ability to correct your inner flaws. I feel inspired to live a better life than the one I’m currently living simply because I know I am deserving of the great life God has planned for me. I highly recommend this to anyone, as you’ll gain a new perspective to your surroundings and then begin to work on your spiritual fitness. Reading through each page has been like a discovery because I was able to be more aware of certain situations which were mentioned that exist in my own life. This book is extremely relatable and will immediately capture you from the first couple of pages. Even though this has been formatted as a daily spiritual journal, I learned that each day, whether when you first wake up or before going to sleep to give God what troubles us. By doing this exercise, we clear our hearts, soul, and mind from all negative forces and carry on in our lives feeling lightweight. It allows you to acknowledge your thoughts and feelings, giving them a level of validation - and that it is important will bring you closer to God. There’s so much that I have taken away from this book and will begin applying this into my life.

—Rae C. Bernard, Pacific Book Review

For more information or to order this book please click here.

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