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The Spirit of Truth

Do you struggle with anxiety, worry, depression, and anger? Are you looking for a way to release feelings of inadequacy, bitterness, dysfunctional behaviors, and broken relationships? To break free of these strongholds, Scripture says you must be transformed by changing the way you think. This begins with changing what you say to yourself based on the truth of God’s Word.

Grounded in Scripture and using evidenced-based methods, this book describes the thought process and how your thoughts become unhealthy when you believe the lies of the enemy. It provides a step-by-step plan to help you renew your mind while growing closer to the God who made you in His own image and includes:

  • An explanation of your creation in God’s image and why what you say to yourself matters.

  • A review of the latest brain science that supports the need to change your self-talk.

  • 8 lessons describing the thinking process with Scripture references and things to consider about God.

  • A description of how repetitive negative automatic thoughts are connected to core beliefs.

  • Practical applications you can immediately put to use to transform your thinking, enhance your emotions, improve your actions, and ultimately change your negative core beliefs.

  • 230 pre-written Spirit-directed self-talk statements you can use to align your thoughts with God’s Word.

The Holy Spirit can transform you by the renewing of your mind and bring you to a closer relationship with God. Begin this journey of strengthening your mental and emotional well-being while deepening your faith!


Dr. Kevin Hiscock

NCCA Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor; Ph.D. Clinical Christian

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