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The Enemy's Deeds

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About The Book

This book is an invitation into a realm of daily conditioning to strengthen the inner man so you can embark on a journey that will help you evade spiritual terrains that war against God’s people. We must activate the benefits of daily deliverance as an exercise and an execution. We have the commands to take an intentional seat in heavenly places to strategically battle well—to identify tactics, to annihilate hindrances, and to dismantle bricks that block the activation of divine purposes so we can recover and resume the path set before us.

Governing all that we do, spiritual warfare is in every influence and sphere of the mountains upon the earth. Intelligent spiritual warfare allows maximization of power and authority over the deeds, actions, devices, and schisms of the enemy warring against everything promised to us from GOD in every area of life.

Sometimes we feel that we are losing battles even though we know that the war is already won. The author shares the extremity and intensity of Psalm 149:6–9 and Jeremiah 29:11 as an anthem for principles of deliverance.


About The Author

Dr. Damita Lucas is a native of Vailsburg Newark, New Jersey. She holds a Doctor of Christian Clinical Counseling with a minor in Christian Education. Dr. Damita Lucas is the Chief Operating Officer of her own counseling ministry practice. She is licensed through the National Christian Counselors Association as a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor with Advanced Certification with seven board advanced certification specialties, and she is also a Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor. Dr. Lucas is honored to be a Presidential Member of both the National Christian Counselors Association and the American Association of Christian Counselors. She has been an ordained elder in the Lord's church for over twenty years. As a certified Mental Health Advocate with several certifications, Dr. Lucas visualizes ministry everywhere through love and passion and has learned that everything is a "disguise to evangelize."

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