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NCCA CAI Spotlight: Maryland Christian Counseling Ministry Institute

Maryland Christian Counseling Ministry Institute has been a Certified Academic Institute since April 2015; Dr. Kevin Bethea is the Director and a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, Advanced Certified in Marriage & Family counseling. He is also an International Representative of the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling.

Dr. Bethea teaches that our institute and counseling center is to equip the saints for the work of counseling ministry and use the APS testing tool to build up the saints by identifying their unique temperament makeup. Ephesians 4:12. A natural process of growth is expected by God from each of His people and each unique counseling setting. As the need for maturity and growth becomes more critical, we become more aware of the need for maturing and training Christian counselors and coaches.

Since the global pandemic, all of our in-person counseling and counseling training has been moved online and with great success. Our students come into contact with other students via virtual training and counseling from many diverse backgrounds to interact with Christian instructors, staff, and administrators. MCCMI provides an environment that encourages academic achievement, spiritual development, and high morals. We want to help each student develop good methods of study and to see the value in knowing God’s word. To provide an atmosphere that enhances intellectual and spiritual growth. Many lasting friendships will develop as one attends these virtual classes.

As our students become certified

The stated purpose of the Maryland Christian Counseling Ministry Institute is: “For The Equipping of The Saints in Training whole persons” This statement of purpose encompasses all counseling disciplines of the institute.

To provide churches and individual Christians the means and methods to accomplish in their lives and ministries the above-stated purpose.

To provide opportunities for in-depth Christian Counseling studies in local venues.

  1. Providing the possibility of greater spiritual growth for any Christian who is “hungering and thirsting after righteousness” and a greater counseling biblical knowledge.

  2. Providing the means for increased fruitfulness of the ministries within local venues.

To provide a solid foundation of counseling biblical knowledge to safeguard and maintain the doctrinal integrity of local venues for future generations.

To train and equip today’s Christian counselors, teachers, parents, and others with tools needed to address the 21st-century problems and opportunities for both young and old.

Counseling for Success

One of the highlighted issues today is counseling relationships; many of my students are making a good income from relationship counseling. The secret to any counseling business is pricing, networking, and marketing; once we teach them how to correctly do those items, there will be a success.

We must become strong, active Christians seeking to better equip ourselves for the success of future Christian counseling services. One who is inactive because of his lack of knowledge and confidence in his ability to use counseling effectively will not succeed. Any approach to in-depth Biblical Christian Counseling study must meet the needs of both these circumstances. On the other hand, no approach will be or is expected to be, successful among those who have no desire to improve their knowledge or ability or are completely indifferent to their growth and involvement.

The diversity in Christian counseling education achievement among Bible students must be dealt with in a very creative fashion. We have to be able to teach a diversity of people simultaneously in the same group counseling situation, from those with a third-grade education to those with a university-level education. This can be done because the educational background has very little effect on one’s ability to connect, inspire and revive the heart of a person. We must have an understanding of the truths of God’s Word, yet every group or class must keep all clients or students meaningfully involved.

The body of Christ is composed of people from various tribes, tongues, and nations. Any counseling program that tries to force all students into a single culture mold will be self-defeating. Thus any counseling program must be adaptable to all sections of the world. In this area of service, we are admittedly weak. However, the CAI concept of the National Christian Counseling Association is presented as one of the best-known methods of teaching in-depth Biblical Counseling lessons to a vast number of people.

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