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Trinity Christian Counseling Institute

A NCCA Certified Academic Institution

My name is Dr. Earl V Butcher, PhD, PhD, DCC and I am the founder and director of Trinity Christian Counseling Academy, a Certified Academic Institution through the National Christian Counselors Association. This is my story.

After having been in the ministry for several years, I realized that I was just not adequately trained to provide the level of counseling that was needed to meet the ever-growing needs of my clients. I remember going home at night totally exhausted and feeling that I should have been more helpful to those seeking answers to their life problems and Christian faith. I would pray, “Lord there has to be a better way that I, through You, can provide these hurting souls with answers based in Your Word that they can believe in and build on”.

I heard about NCCA’s Christian Counselors program where I could learn at home at my own pace and would give me answers “with meat on them”! This got me excited and on fire to learn God’s way to bless His hurting people. I called NCCA for information and found everyone was so knowledgeable and kind. Within an hour I was speaking with Dr. Maureen Young, PhD and she explained exactly how the program worked and that she would be my supervisor and I was off and running! I came to love Dr. Young for her great knowledge and caring. Regardless of what I was experiencing, as soon as I spoke with her I would always feel better. She was certainly sent by God. I learned so much, such as how to research answers in the Word of God but also how to address families, physicians and other care givers. Also, the temperament theory and APS from Drs. Arno is AMAZING and allows the counselor to accurately focus on what the client needs. With that and the word of God, you can meet the needs of your clients.

I prayed long and hard and decided to become a Certified Academic Institution and Supervisor. Since I enjoyed counseling so much, how much more rewarding would it be to actually teach others who have that calling to reach a multitude of others with Bible based counseling? In the small recesses of my mind, I can still hear Dr. Young’s voice saying “Never be afraid of being used by God; He will never disappoint you”. I was somewhat hesitant about starting an Academy because I had retired from my large counseling practice in Columbus, Ohio and moved back to my small hometown in rural West Virginia. God showed me that hurting people have needs in small towns the same as in large urban areas. With God (and Zoom and Skype) all things are possible and I still serve out of state clients!

One of the great things about the NCCA program (and there are many) is that you get everything you need to be a top-notch Christian counselor with the basic program. You can then build on that if you so desire and get a Doctorate degree, which I did. I have loved every minute of it. My NCCA family consists of the most helpful, kind and loving individuals you will ever meet. They are actually concerned about your success and regardless of the many questions I have, everyone has always been knowledgeable and supportive. Shout out to Michael Dan-he has been such a blessing! When I got my first academic student I was somewhat confused on how to proceed and he personally walked me through the entire enrollment process, including how to order classes/books and APS.

The NCCA family gives you such a sense of “togetherness” that you know you are not alone in this process. The help is there-all you have to do is ask.

When I graduated my first student as a Certified Christian Counselor, he was so on fire that he is completing his Bachelors degree through NCCA affiliate Colorado Theology Seminary and plans to continue to earn his Masters and Doctorate degrees as well. He was recently ordained by his church and will stay with them as well as offering private counseling. What a phenomenal success story! It can be yours as well-all through NCCA.

I would strongly advise anyone who has a calling to serve the Lord to the fullest, consider becoming a Christian Counselor to guide people in the way of the Lord and help them to heal as well as teach them how to continue on the right pathway. I must admit I receive much more satisfaction from counseling than I did from being a pastor. Finding NCCA and completing their Bible based courses has been one of the greatest, most rewarding career moves I have ever made. It is amazing to help hurting souls in their greatest time of need. With God and Drs. Arno’s temperament program, we can not only counsel people to overcome their problems but teach them how to become the person God made them to be before the world changed them,

As an NCCA approved Certified Academic Institution, I am excited to be able to teach those with the calling to counsel how to reach others and give them hope and peace and the ability to get back to their best life and continue the harvest. With NCCA knowledge and God’s leading, you can’t go wrong!

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