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June Encouragement

Calling All Warriors!!!

It’s no surprise that the world is getting darker and confusion is running rampant. The Lord placed on my heart a few weeks ago these words, “This is not a drill”. I was having a conversation with a sister here at headquarters and the phrase stuck with me. The Holy Spirit was highlighting something for me, like a signpost flashing, the words kept drawing me in!

So, when I was away from work last week God downloaded the entire message that I’m sharing here. He said, “Hello Mark, when was the last time you sat with a person on the side of the road who was asking for help and shared Jesus with them? When was the last time you asked someone in a wheelchair if you could pray for their healing? When was the last time you asked your waitress or waiter if they needed prayer?

He had me at “Hello”. It’s been too long a while.

“This is not a drill” is a call to all of us for taking real action in the harvest field!

Look around!

Tell me the world is not screaming for the truth! Everywhere people are riding the wave of any strange doctrine that comes across their social media page or news site. (Christians too.)

The picture I chose for this encouragement reveals two ways of interpretation:

1. We can stand by and watch a fellow believer get set on fire for God while we remain complacent.

2. We can ask God to set US on fire and answer the Great Commission.

The world needs us to speak up and act NOW more than ever before!

They need the One who IS Truth!

His name is Jesus!

And they went out and preached everywhere, while the Lord worked with them, and confirmed the word by the signs that followed.

[Mark 16:20 NASB95]

Love ya!

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