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As I Was Praying

As I was praying with a group of brothers and sisters from church a few weeks ago, God gave me an amazingly clear vision. This is what the Bible says about visions.

“After this I will pour out my Spirit on all humanity; then your sons and your daughters will prophesy, your old men will have dreams, and your young men will see visions. [Joel 2:28 CSB]

So, according to the scripture, I must still be a young man then. I love it!

Please, let me tell you the vision and I hope it will bless you as it blessed me. I watched as God’s presence was swirling, circling and surrounding me and I saw Him lovingly holding the face of a baby in His hands. God was the cloud and I was in the cloud. I knew it was God, but I could only see the backside of His face. As He drew the child’s face closer to His face, He breathed as a whisper, one word upon the child, “Believe”. He then released the child and the vision ended.

It took me a day or two of pondering upon this vision and seeking the Lord before I received the meaning from the Holy Spirit. I was that child, but it was clear to me that this vision also represented each of us who are created in God’s image.

I believe God speaks this word over all of humankind, His creation - “Believe”.

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