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Updated: Aug 17, 2022

We praise You for Who You are!

We worship You for creating us to be made in Your Image to do good works in Christ Jesus, Your Son. Preserve and bless the Arno’s for their love for You, for the saints, for Your people, to equip Your servants that we may comfort the weak and give strength to the weary and broken-hearted.

To give the Light of Your Son to the lost and give sight to the blind. Thank you for all You have taught them and all that we are learning by Your merciful kindness. God, I will not fear. I will trust You each step to see me to this position that I believe You have led me to. Lord, give me wisdom, knowledge, understanding, discernment, discretion, fervent charity, bowels of mercies. We know without You we can do nothing. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit. Anoint me in a way that I am blown away with Your Presence like never before. Secrets belong to You. Thank You for this beautiful secret, the temperament revelation to enable us to see the way you created us.

That our strengths and weaknesses are divine. That You know us like no other. That when we see You, we may know that You used us to help another to overcome this evil and cruel world. That not only will we have crowns to cast at Your feet, but that many others will receive crowns to cast there too, for You are worthy! Beloved Saviour…thank You for taking it all for mankind. Your broken body. Your sinless blood.

To redeem us in our sufferings!

We long for You!

We watch for You!

But until then, keep us faithful. Keep us true. Renew our minds. Our bodies. Our souls. They are Thine alone. Beautiful Creator, I do not know how this is all going to come to pass as I envision it. I cannot make it all happen. You will have to provide for me, Your servant. You know all the desires of my heart.

I trust You with those. Until then, I rejoice in this day that You are by my side. That whatever life holds, You will never leave me nor forsake me. I thank You too Father that Kevin is also still at my side. That is a gift of grace.

God cover us all as we serve You another day. This beautiful day!

We love You forevermore!

By: Patty Albert

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