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Member Spotlight: Rev. Dr. Robert J. Duncan Jr.

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Northwind Institute


Certified Academic Institution

Northwind Institute of Winter Garden, FL has been a Certified Academic Institution since July 1, 2013. Rev. Dr. Robert J. Duncan, Jr. has been affiliated with the NCCA since 1989. He became a Professional Clinical Member on September 9, 1992, and a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor on April 20, 1992.

Dr. Duncan started his studies with the NCCA in the late 1980’s while serving as a Pastor in the United Methodist Church. His ministry experiences have interconnected with the use of the APS over these many years. In 1989 he served as the Pastoral Counselor and Administrator of Pocono Medical Care. In 1993 he earned his Ph.D., in Clinical Pastoral Counseling. Along the way he formed Northwind Institute as a Certified Academic Institution of the NCCA and became a NCCA Clinical Supervisor.

In 2002 Dr. Duncan was appointed as President of Bacone College in Muskogee Oklahoma. While at Bacone he trained two Faculty as NCCA Counselors. He then charged them with forming a Christian Counseling Center, implementing a Christian Ministry Counseling Degree (using the NCCA training materials in a practicum), and administering the APS to every new and transfer student. Bacone was the first fully accredited college or university to use the NCCA materials and APS in their degree programs. In 2008 he presented a Paper and Workshop at the Higher Learning Commission Annual Conference on Bacone’s experience using the APS. In 2009 he received the Arno Award in recognition of this groundbreaking work.

Rev. Baran and Dr. Duncan collaborated on developing a Professional Development Program for the staff and coaches at Bacone using the APS as the foundation for that program. Their combined experience led to the development of the Temperament Life Coaching Programs offered by Sarasota Academy.

  • The Certified Temperament Life Coaching Program certifies Coaches in Individual, Group, and Technology based Coaching.

  • The Pastoral Temperament Life Coaching Program certifies Pastors in Temperament Coaching in the context of Pastoral Ministry.

  • The Small Group Temperament Coaching Program certifies Coaches in Small Group meeting using temperament in Support Groups, Topical Presentations, and Personal Development.

Dr. Duncan is currently serving as the President of Northwind Theological Seminary. The Seminary has an Articulation Agreement with Sarasota Academy to transfer graduates of the Certified Temperament Life Coaching Program into a Master’s or Doctoral Degree completion program.

Persons interested in the Temperament Life Coaching programs or Degree Completion programs may contact Erin in the SACC office for information.

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