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Member Spotlight: Dr. Heidi Capozzi

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Ethos Counseling Institute is located in Apache Junction, Arizona.

Ethos Counseling Institute is a Certified Academic Institution with the National Christian Counselors Association (NCCA) Sarasota Florida, since July 25, 2016.

Dr. Heidi Capozzi received her Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Christian Counseling through Colorado Theological Seminary. She has been a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor since 2016.

Dr. Heidi also is a Certified Academic Instructor through NCCA, as well as serves as the Executive Pastor alongside her husband at New Season Christian Fellowship in Apache Junction, AZ.

Pastor Shawn and Dr. Heidi are also the Executive Directors and progenitors of Ethos Counseling Institute (ECI). ECI is an organization that trains and equips those both called and gifted to the area of Pastoral Counseling.

They have three grown children and two daughters-in-love, who faithfully serve in many capacities within the church. And they are blessed with two beautiful grandchildren as well!

Temperament – The X-Ray Of The Soul

Jesus expressed some of His most memorable teachings through parables. Parables that were significant stories that made the illogical Kingdom that He came from, seem a bit more logical to our finite minds.

He portrayed the relevant understanding of sowing and reaping to the agricultural community, the fisher of men parables to the fishermen, the ability to gain understanding of the passion needed for seeking Him and His heart with the parable of the one that would tear their house apart to find that one precious jewel.

Let’s face it… we love analogies, stories, visual aids. They assist in simplification, to grasp the vastness of something that is so complex. And that is one way that I have endeavored to become more like Jesus… to become a temperament parable teacher! : )

My husband was a Radiological Technologist for many years before Jesus called us into full time Pastoral ministry two decades ago. Upon entering Christian Counseling, it was an easy analogy to utilize his experience to give our clients a basic understanding of what temperament actually is.

Our explanation… we are a spirit that lives forever, we have a soul and are housed in a body. Just as the x-rays show the inner most portions of our physical bodies, the temperament is the x-ray of the soul.

Prior to many proper diagnoses being given by a medical professional, images of the unseen must be observed. What’s developing beneath the surface is what is traditionally the cause of what is being seen upon the surface. Temperament is the infrastructure of the soul, much like the bones are the infrastructure of the human body.

We wouldn’t take an x-ray of one individual and perform surgery on another individual according to those set of films. Therefore, the discovery of the God-given needs of our temperament will best provide us with strategies to cultivate the atmosphere for our greater mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

We often can answer WHAT someone is acting like, HOW their behavior is affecting others, but the most vital question to be answered is, WHY? Why are they feeling the thoughts they feel? Why do they respond the way they do? Why are their fears debilitating to them in this area of their life?

These are the questions that can only be answered with discovering the UNSEEN and how it created what we can see.

Although it is essential as counselors to eventually inquire of our clients past, their temperament results answer most of those “why” questions without having to delve into past experiences.

We explain that we could eliminate the first 5 sessions by just merely having the results of their temperament. It allows us to be a more productive part of their health team, by understanding their motives, their fears, their strengths and weakness tendencies. It enables us, as their counselor, to empower them to become more self-aware, and learn to take responsibility of their decisions based on greater understanding of themselves.

The x-ray of the soul enlightens us to develop the most sensible approach to gaining a greater diagnosis to execute the most healthy and successful strategy.

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