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Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Called According to His Purpose: A Journey into the World of Parenting Special Needs Children

By: Crawford Clark

Disabilities affect individuals from all walks of life - from the CEO at the largest fortune 500 company to the small business owner at the corner grocery store; from the pastor at the biggest church to the custodian at the local elementary school; from famous celebrities from all walks of life to small-town military heroes.

Dr. Crawford G. Clark and his wife have endured a daily struggle raising two children with disabilities. He knows that parents in a similar situation suffer in silence, doing their best to survive each day. Many people have no clue what challenges they face.

In this book, the author leads you on a journey of what it's like to raise children with disabilities, including the difficulties with people not being very sympathetic toward children or parents. He covers subjects such as isolation, identity, idiosyncrasies, education, discipline, community, and how God views disabilities.

In addition, he shares the story of Theodore DeShields, a good friend whose story speaks to all of us. While he was never supposed to be born, he became a strong person of faith who blessed all those around him.

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