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Updated: Feb 10, 2022

The 2021 NCCA Conference was held at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel in Washington, DC – October 15th-16th, 2021.

On Friday, October 15th, we had sessions in the morning consisting of:

WELCOME ADDRESS presented by Rev. Steven M. Baran, President.

SESSION 1: “THE EQUAL AND OPPOSITE PRINCIPLE” and SESSION 2: “THE INSIDE OUT PRINCIPLE” presented by Dr. David J. Ralston. He shared from his new book, “God Turns Our Broken Pieces into Masterpieces.”

SESSION 3: “PHLEGMATIC STRESS IN INCLUSION.” presented by Dr. Phyllis Arno. This session examined the Phlegmatic Stress in Inclusion and, since I ran overtime, I promised Dr. Richard that he could speak first next year!

SESSIONS 4 AND 5: "MAXIMUM COUNSELING MINISTRY WITH MINIMAL LIABILITY” presented by Attorney David Gibbs III. He provided us much-needed information from his legal perspective.

FRIDAY AFTERNOON: After lunch we loaded up on buses and went to the Museum of the Bible.

The museum documents the narrative, history and impact of the Bible. It opened on November 17, 2017! It was very interesting and well done. We could have spent the whole day there. This was an awesome experience! If you ever plan a trip to Washington, DC you will want to add this to your “must visit” list.

On Saturday, October 16th, we had a full day of sessions consisting of:

SESSION 6: “USING TRANSFORMATIONAL BOOKMARKS TO INCREASE THE EFFECTIVENESS OF APS” and SESSION 7: “EFFECTIVELY GIVING HOPE TO CHANGE LIVES” presented by Dr. Rickey A. Nation. He gave his testimony and shared about his temperament bookmarks and how to use them for maximum effectiveness. He also reviewed the question “How does the APS enable or help us lead them to Hope”?

SESSION 8: “TEMPERAMENT: A WINDOW INTO TRAUMAand SESSION 9: “HEALING THE WOUNDS” presented by Dr. Robert A. Horner, Jr. He addressed such topics as how trauma affects our mind, will and emotions; a definition of soul wounds; and how do we know if these responses are connected to a soul wound or trauma? He shared that if clients get stuck, we can offer questions to narrow down the search related to their temperament insecurities, and steps to take to identify soul wounds. He also covered such topics as: Ways we can encourage our clients. How do we use temperament to address cognitive distortions and false beliefs? How can temperament help to process the emotional wounds?

SESSIONS 10 and 11 “OBEDIENCE OVER OUTCOME” was presented by Holly Mutlu. She shared a song or two and talked about what God can do with a little “yes” and the freedom from living outside of the box that man created.

SESSION 12: “FORTY YEARS OF LOVING PEOPLE JUST AS GOD LOVES US” presented by Rev. Steven M. Baran. He surprised myself and Dr. Richard with a video of the past years, and shared the importance of maintaining compassion and a Godly attitude toward others!


Rev. Steve Baran, N.C.C.A. President, for his leadership abilities in lining up the conference location and all the behind-the-scenes efforts that it takes to make a conference a success. Rev. Baran was also the Master of Ceremonies and was available to give guidance to our members on a one-on-one basis.

Jason Ferrill for all his work in helping to prepare for the conference and working with the hotel staff during the conference.

Michael Andrews for his tech support as well as assisting the NCCA conference attendees during the conference.

Mara Baran for doing a fantastic job laying out the conference notebook, and working with our virtual attendees as well taking photos at the photo booth with a big smile and assisting wherever she was needed.

Michael Dan, Linda Walker, Mark Winchell, Brian Colvin and Erin Baran for keeping the main headquarters open to service our members who were unable to attend the conference.

Dr. Richard Arno for his cheerful presence during the conference.

And a very big THANK YOU to all of you who attended the conference in person

or virtually!

It was such a JOY to be with you all!

Most of all, we would like to thank the Lord for anointing the conference. We were all truly BLESSED!


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