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Shanda Miller is not only the cherished compass and true north in the life of her husband, Tommy, but she is also a compelling author and temperament counselor. Her inspiring memoir, "God, I Forgive You," takes readers on a profound literary journey that promises to "hurt you, then haunt you, then heal you." This memoir chronicles Shanda's tumultuous journey to adulthood and sonship, providing a testimony that has naturally propelled her into the realm of pastoral counseling using temperament theory. Through this, she helps individuals comprehend their God-given gifts and tendencies, fostering personal growth and understanding.


Shanda recently achieved a significant academic milestone, graduating magna cum laude with her bachelor's degree. Currently, she is pursuing her Master’s degree, showcasing her commitment to continued learning and expertise in her field. Shanda's dedication to academic excellence aligns seamlessly with her passion for helping others navigate their own paths to healing and self-discovery.


Alongside her husband, Tommy, Shanda has been an unwavering force in every aspect of ministry at Legacy Church. Their enduring partnership has weathered tests and fatigue, and they stand as a beacon of "Fathering Leadership" at its finest. Together, they lead a thriving church with a five-fold ministry, serving both the local community and an expanding global audience. The integrity and honor they exhibit have cultivated a culture many churches worldwide aspire to emulate and implement.


One of their notable achievements is the Legacy Academy of Kingdom Living, a school they launched six years ago. The academy, which initially operated in a local classroom, transitioned to an international online platform in 2024. This three-year program is transformative, guiding hearts and minds from legalism to freedom, from law to grace, and ultimately toward transfiguration. Tommy and Shanda's legacy extends beyond their family, reaching into the hearts and minds of individuals worldwide through their impactful ministry and educational initiatives.

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