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Keys to Kingdom Parenting Workshop: Equipping you for these times!


November 5, 2022 9:00 to 5:00 Bradenton, Fl.

Today’s youth have experienced overwhelming stress, anxiety, and depression during the last several years and continue to during these times. We live in a world that is often hard to navigate as Christian parents, especially if you don't have the support of other strong Christians around you. Join us on November 5, 2022, for a day of practical keys and tools to equip and empower you to parent from peace and connect with your children.

Speakers Include:

-Yesenia Reta, LCSW

-Dr. Lisa Winchell, Clinical Pastoral Counselor

-Jasmine Klugh, LCSW

-Ashley Cyr, Clinical Pastoral Counselor

-Naomi Burt, Pastor

-Julie Christian, Author

The cost is $10 and lunch will be provided.

Sessions Include:

Mental/Emotional Health

Speaker: Jasmine D.W. Klugh, LCSW

How do I know if my child needs help? Children and adolescents go through times of big changes, and all kids tend to experience emotional ups and downs throughout different stages of life. In this session, we will discuss how to identify when our children need help and how to support them through hard times.

Self-Care for Parents

Speaker: Yesenia Reta, LCSW

You may have heard "you can't pour from an empty cup" or "you gotta put your oxygen mask on first" before. In this session, you will learn about the various ways to care for yourself and how that impacts your parenting positively. You will walk away with a customized self-care plan that you can implement as soon as you get home.

Relational Health

Speaker: Dr. Lisa Winchell, Clinical Pastoral Counselor

Joy-filled connections with our kids empower their relationship skills and hold their hearts near to their parent's values. Joy is always relational, it comes from "connection" with God, true self, and others. Dr. Lisa will give you tools for connection with your kids, identifying topical vs relational communication, and "today" skills for staying in relational mode, or returning to relational mode quicker when you lose it.

Spiritual Health: Knowing Your True Identity

Speaker: Ashley Cyr, Clinical Pastoral Counselor

The enemy is relentlessly at work to steal the identity of our children through performance, approval of others, shame, blame, and condemnation. In this session, we’ll explore these four areas deeper, so you can help equip your children to: reveal how their lives have been negatively affected by the lies the world teaches, learn to stop looking to all the wrong places for affirmation, and love, and experience the incredible truth that their self-worth is found not in what others think of them or what they achieve, but in God’s love for them and what He says about them.

Special Guest: i-Destiny in Christ

Speaker: Pastor Naomi Burt

Pastor Naomi Burt will share a small part of her series, “i-Destiny in Christ”. Her testimony of healing from sexual identity struggles will give you hope for any young people in your life struggling in this area. Pastor Naomi will help equip you to “love them through their problems” and “not accept it as part of who they are”.

Special Guest: Julie Christian

Topic: Technology and your Kids

(Julie will be joining us through Zoom, from Georgia)

Julie Christian has four children, ages 13,14, 21, and 32. She is married to the man of her dreams. Julie has completed two novels, Sugar Machine, and Her Father’s Ocean. She is currently writing her third novel, Come @s U R. Her work has been published in the devotional compilation, Abba’s Heart (Crossriver Media), and her story is featured in a chapter of Strength of a Woman (Crews, Ascender Books). She is an ambassador and featured blogger at ScreenStrong Families Managing Media and was previously a regular contributor to She has been featured on podcasts such as Other Peoples Shoes, Look out for Joy, and Screenstrong Families. Her work has been featured in The Epoch Times.

Six years ago, Julie and her husband chose to drastically limit their children’s access to toxic technology, and the results they saw forever changed their lives and the lives of their children. Since then, they have been advocates of a “low-tech” lifestyle for children and families.

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