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Richard G. Arno, Ph.D.

Richard G. Arno, Ph.D.

Board of Examiner

B.A. Shaw University
M.A. Valley Christian University D.Psy. Faith Theological Seminary
Ph.D. Andrew Jackson University D.D. Jacksonville Theological Seminary

Dr. Richard G. Arno is the Founder of the National Christian Counselors Association. He served six years as the Director of Counseling for C.B.N.’s 700 Club. Dr. Arno was a United Methodist minister for eight years before his appointment to C.B.N.
He was elected to Who’s Who in Leading American Executives in 1991 and has been awarded several honorary doctorates and citations which include the Eagles Award and the Award of The Good Shepherd. Dr. Arno serves as the Bishop of The National Conservative Christian Church and he has personally authored a book titled: “A Touch of Grace.”

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