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Rev. Steven M. Baran, D.D.

Rev. Steven M. Baran, D.D.

Board of Examiner

B.A. Calvary Theological Seminary
M.A. Cornerstone University D.D. Pillsbury College &

Rev. Steven M. Baran currently serves as President of the National Christian Counselors Association. He has piloted many projects since his arrival into leadership with the N.C.C.A. including the transition to the state of the art ministry headquarters, direction and development of the Arno Profile System Online, as well as the creation and implementation of most online member services that include newsletters, mal-practice insurance, payments, license renewal and course completion to name a few.
Rev. Baran earned his Bachelor’s of Christian Ministry Administration through Calvary Theological Seminary, Master of Arts in Christian Education through Cornerstone University and Pillsbury College & Seminary honored Rev. Baran with a Doctor of Divinity.
Rev. Baran brings his extensive life experience to the ministry. He served for three years as Captain of the Westland Police Explorers, a volunteer group dedicated to the improvement of community relationships between citizens and law enforcement. Rev. Baran also served as Union Steward for Local 25 Teamsters, Detroit, MI. Additionally his management experience in retail sales, outside sales, insurance planning (licensed in Florida and Michigan) have brought new avenues to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the secular work force.
Rev. Baran and his wife Erin, reside in Sarasota, FL with their two Children Mara Kelley Baran and Noah Michael Baran.

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