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Randall J. Pannell, Ph.D.

Randall J. Pannell, Ph.D.

Board of Examiner

Ph.D. C.E. Graham Bible Seminary

Dr. Pannell has been a part of N.C.C.A. since 1993. He is a Professor and the Associate Dean of Academics for the Regent University School of Divini ty, and Academic Director for Turning Point Ministries International.
Dr. Pannell is an ordained Vineyard minister and an N.C.C.A. Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor. In addition to teaching at Regent University, he is an Associate Pastor of Lighthouse Vineyard Community Church.
Dr. Pannell has lived and taught several years in both Central and South America and continues with a ministry to Latin ministers and pastors. He has been associated with Turning Point Ministries International since 1984 and has pastored Southern Baptist, Evangelical Presbyterian and Vineyard churches. He has authored several books, most notably, A Word from the Lord Just for You, and several articles both in English and in Spanish.

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