How the N.C.C.A. Credentials Help You Personally and Professionally

Potential counselors often ask about the benefits of the training and obtaining certification or license from the N.C.C.A., and of course, the primary benefit is expanding one's knowledge. We believe that the training you receive provides a deep spiritual insight into understanding human behavior and relating to others. This knowledge is both valuable and practicable in every area of life, including your ability to help those who are hurting.

Having N.C.C.A. credentials will help ensure that you are recognized within your community as a qualified Christian/Pastoral counselor. The community can be assured that your credentials are authentic and current.

Other benefits available to N.C.C.A. members include qualifying for professional liability insurance, networking with other counselors, and the opportunity to earn continuing education credits at seminars and conferences. In addition, the N.C.C.A. offers assistance to its members with regard to degree transfer work and fulfillment of academic goals.

Advantages of the Arno Profile System

As a licensure candidate, you will learn the Arno Profile System (A.P.S.) for counseling. The A.P.S. is an easy-to-learn counseling technique used by thousands of lay counselors, professional counselors, and pastors through- out the United States and in several foreign countries.

The Christian counselor administers a questionnaire, which takes fewer than ten minutes for the counselee to complete. The questionnaire measures the counselee’s needs, natural traits, strengths, and weaknesses according to temperament. These are identified in the computerized Arno Profile System report, providing the counselor with in-depth information and the best way to counsel the individual. The system enables a qualified counselor to identify the counselee’s temperament problem swiftly and accurately.

Who Can Benefit From N.C.C.A. Training?

The training adjusts to meet the needs of Christians with different goals, including:

  • Christians who want to be better equipped to minister to those who need counsel

  • Pastors who want to learn how to counsel members of their community who are experiencing problems

  • Christians who want to be credentialed and provide pastoral counseling as a part-time or full-time ministry

  • Professional counselors who want to become A.P.S. certified and learn a Biblically-based counseling model with proven success