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Bacone College
Division of Adult Education

Special Studies in Christian Counseling


The Special Studies in Christian Counseling is offered through the Division of Adult Education of Bacone College, Muskogee, OK. and the This program is designed to offer the student academic credit through a regionally accredited four-year church-affiliated institution and licensure and advanced certification through the National Christian Counseling Association, Sarasota, FL.

Students will be enrolled as full time students in a fully accredited college. As a result, students who qualify for Federal Financial Aid or Veteran's Benefits may receive aid to pay the costs of the program.

The Special Studies in Christian Counseling is designed for those desiring to gain competency in Christian counseling skills.

This concentration combines excellent academic training, actual ministry experience, and theological reflection on that experience. Students who successfully complete this program will receive a transcript from Bacone College and certification in counseling from the National Christian Counselors Association.

The Christian Counseling Profession

Who should consider the Specialization in Christian Counseling?

  • Christian leaders who want to be better equipped through accredited academic training and professional certification to serve those in need of counsel
  • Pastors/Ministers who want to be more effective in counseling members of their community who are experiencing problems
  • Christian leaders who need to stay in their place of work and service while they learn
  • Christian leaders who want to be credentialed in counseling to enter the field of counseling as a part time or full time ministry
  • Christian leaders who need financial assistance to complete their training

Goals of the Program:

  • To provide the busy Christian leader with access to accredited training in Christian counseling through the use of distance education provided by the Division of Adult Education of Bacone College
  • To provide the Christian leader with tools for effective Christian counseling through accredited academic training in counseling and utilization of temperament theory
  • To offer supervised experience in Christian counseling through the faculty of Bacone College's Division of Adult Education

Class format

Courses are taught in an 8-week, online format combining the best of both worlds in distance education:

  • 15 minute micro lectures which can be view online on your schedule
  • Moodle on-line coursework and assignments which can be submitted on your schedule
  • Breeze video conferencing for virtual classroom interaction with your instructor and your fellow students, keeping you motivated and moving through the program

How the Program Works

These Special Studies are offered through the Bacone College Division of Adult Education, and is specifically designed for the adult learner. The student will complete the following:

  • 4 academic courses in Christian counseling (12 credit hours)
  • 2 academic courses: Certification in Christian Counseling I &II which include the required NCCA Certification courses. (6 credit hours)
  • 1 – 9 credit session of internship


Tuition: $5,550.00 (spread out over 3 semesters at $1,850.00 per term)
Fees: $450.00 ($150.00 per term)
Arno Profile Processing: $625.00 (Paid in the summer semester during the internship period)

Paying the Bill

Because the program is offered through a regionally accredited college, students who qualify for Federal Financial Aid may apply for this aid. The good news is that students who qualify for full Federal Aid will receive $5,550.00 in aid which will pay their tuition costs. Students who desire to do so and are qualified may also apply for Federal Student Loans to pay the fees and other costs.


The 3 semester format involves 27 credits spread out over 3 academic semesters as follows:

First 8 Weeks (Fall)

MIN 2443 Foundations in Pastoral Counseling (Bacone) – 3 credit hours This course will introduce the Christian leader to the biblical, psychological, and clinical foundations of Christian counseling.
MIN3413 Crisis Counseling (Bacone) – 3 credits Much of the counseling done in ministry is crisis counseling. There are two basic types of crises: development and situational.

Developmental crises are the natural results of the life cycle. Situational crises can be the result of the loss of a job, an incapacitating illness or any number of other causes.

This course is designed to provide the student with an approach to counseling that responds to these situational crisis situations. The course will focus upon a two-fold approach: (1) reducing the impact of the crisis-precipitating event and (2) helping counselee adjust to the changes that result from the crisis.

Second 8 Weeks (Fall)

MIN4883 Certification in Christian Counseling I (3 credits)

Consisting of 2 NCCA courses:
“Basic Christian Counseling” (NCCA) This is the NCCA's introduction to the Christian Counseling Certification program. Dr. Richard Arno, founder of the Association, will describe how Christian Counseling as understood in this program differs from counseling that is not faith-based. (Includes one test)
and “Creation Therapy” (NCCA) This course is offered by the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling, a sister association to the NCCA and replaces 3 courses in the NCCA certification process. “Creation Therapy” teaches the concepts that are at the heart of the therapeutic model used in the counseling program. (Includes 2 tests)

Third 8 Weeks (Spring)

MIN4893 Certification in Christian Counseling II (3 credits)

Consisting of 3 NCCA courses:
Christian Psychology and Counseling (NCCA) This NCCA course is designed to provide a clear understanding of psychological terminology and training in the importance of applying the Scriptures to a counseling setting. (Includes 1 test)
Mastering Pastoral Counseling Utilizing Temperament (NCCA) This NCCA course is divided into 4 learning modules to deal with: stress in the Christian life, helping the church become a caring community, family relationships, and crisis in the life of a believer. (Includes 1 test)
“Counseling the Codependent” (NCCA) This NCCA course provides the student with a clear understanding of codependency, the terminology involved in treatment, and proper recovery stages.

Fourth 8 Weeks (Spring)

MIN3443 Family Systems in Christian Counseling (Bacone) – 3 credit hours In addition to the insights provided by Creation Therapy, this program employs the therapeutic model of Bowen Family Systems Theory. This course will focus on understanding the eight basic concepts of Bowen Theory and how to apply them in a ministry context.
MIN2133 Seminar in Christian Counseling (Bacone) – 3 credits This course involves preparing for, attending, and reflecting on the national conference of the National Christian Counselors Association in the Spring.

Fifth 8 Weeks (Summer)

MIN 2443 Internship (Bacone) – 9 credits In this term, the student will see 25 clients using the APS.
Temperament Case Studies (NCCA) While completing the internship, the student will complete the NCCA course to review and write case studies.